Frequently Asked Questions

Also see the Miata FAQ

Help - I can't log on!

How do I ask a question? How do I post?

What is the #4 problem all about?

Front License Plate Issues and fixes.

Where can I find information on interior modifications?

Miata Noises, Squeaks, & Sounds.

Everything I need to know about my soft top.

Should I use the boot?

Lanny Chambers' alignment page.

How can I make the boot stop billowing and flapping in the breeze?

My car seems to be revving really high, Is this safe for the engine?

When should I shift? 

What are baby teeth? How do I remove them?

How do I advance the timing?

Where can I get Miata aftermarket parts? What are the newest, hottest parts for the Miata?

My Miata keeps making this loud ticking noise for a couple minutes after I start it up in the morning.

I want more power! 

Fix my sagging NB Glove box? 

How do I properly jack up my Miata with a floor-jack?

Hot air vent problem fix.

What are protective light shields?

Mazda knows about idle drop problem? 

Best spark plugs for normally aspirated NB. 

Help! Wrong oil filter wrench? How do I change the oil? 

Tell me about the 2001 Clutch Shudder. 

Car Cover FAQ. 

Idiot Light Type Oil pressure gauge and how to change? 

There's a rattle coming from my gearbox.

How do I properly break in my Miata? 

What do all those abbreviations / acronyms mean?

How do I fold my boot?

What Bar with a glass window?

I have other questions that are not answered here, where should I look?

Foreign Language Forums



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